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I'd just like to ask if there is any way to limit use of provisions, as it stands, we have to promote people into a fleet rank that has access to them then demote them again, unless we really trust them and let them stay there, no offence to our members meant, but we have no way of knowing how honest a person can be, from previous experience in other games I know that some of the 'nicest' people in chat can turn out to be conniving backstabbers, waiting for their chance to rob us blind.

I'm led to believe that if a person transfers fleets they keep their fleet credits, therefore they could build in one fleet and transfer into another and if they have access, use all the provisions the fleet has.

What I am asking is if there is/or could be a way to set x amount of provisions for a player in the fleet to use, maybe a token system or something, where we could give them something that would allow them to use so many provisions without having unlimited access?