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# 16 just fyi
03-13-2013, 07:54 AM
OP watch it, The Devs don't like getting Called out over their past Quotes.

Threads Quoting Devs/Staff is against some rule.

I know cause I had a "But Dstahl Said" thread that pointed out a lot MisQuote (with Links) that Tee'd me off at the time. You know the kind, say one thing one day and a month later say the opposite. Like the idiot that tried to rewrite the KDF history "Was always meant to be a PVP Faction" didn't last five minutes with all the ppl who had links to the very original Quote that stated both Sides were meant to be Full Factions.

Thread was locked then deleted and I was warned and lost "forum points", which is one step closer to being Banned

"...just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that." - Dan Stahl