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Originally Posted by emacsheadroom View Post
70 degrees. Bigger than the DHC window and easy to maintain so long as you're moving and turning, even in a cruiser. I think you underestimate how easy it is to orbit a target and broadside, even in the most sluggish cruiser.
eh, I do it myself. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about: I have Eject Warp Plasma on fed and KDF toons, for the purpose of area lockdown. Since it is Area Effect on caster (me), I have to rush the target to drop the spell. On my kdf battlecruiser, I make a pass to dump the plasma while shooting the forward-firing weapons, and then make an anchor turn and resume using the forward-firing weapons, because the ship is agile enough to get away with doing that. On my fed cruiser (which turns very slowly), I use torps and mines for damage during the plasma pass, and fly a broadside circle around the target after the pass while it's still pinned down (additional tractor beam helps). Totally different setups for the same basic technique, based on how the ship can maneuver.

But some ships, you want to stay away from the enemy entirely, and maybe sit in a corner lobbing heavy weapons. It's the opposite of the EWP play, instead of trying to get close you are trying to stay away because you're an immobile brick that cannot turn. Beams are a poor choice for that tactic because they require you to move the ship just to maintain damage output, and on a slow ship you will be constantly losing half the arcs at which point you are doing crap damage with half of the crap beams. Turrets are better for this kind of thing because they will give you coverage everywhere, and you can fire all of them on a target while trying to reposition for next attack or while running from something that decides it doesnt like you. Very specific application.

And there are other cases where beams are better. If you can fly a circle around a target at 4k without getting dragged into a close-up fight and keep 6+ beams on target then yeah that will do good damage. But you have to be content to do that and not change position frequently, and not get focused by the target who decides to take half your beams out of play.

Just different playstyles, but as a rule, beams are good to have when you can hold a broadside but they are terrible when you cant