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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
If you paywall content, most of your players will never see that content. Cryptic prefers to have EVERYBODY see the content, and let the content drive sales of other items. Otherwise, they'd be spending the majority of their effort on things that most people would never see.

DDO isn't any more successful than STO. Both strategies are good strategies; Cryptic's means more people get to play all the content.
When STO reaches it's 8th year and has the level of content DDO has without out paying for a single area / quest pack then maybe we can discuss it.

For me I'd rather pay $15 dollars for Gianthold which has almost as much content as STO's entire end game than pay $50 dollars for a ship I'll use for 4 weeks.

By your logic no one will ever use the ships Cryptic designs because they are pay-walled and pay-walled much much worse than massive amount of content you get in one DDO zone.

The truth is it has nothing to do with what Cryptic prefers but what Cryptic a capable of doing. They cannot create the volume and complexity of content Turbine can for DDO so they don't even have the option of looking at selling zones as content, for example New Romulus with it's 5 rep tied missions and pretty much nothing else than tagging animals is about 1/10th of the content in DDO's Gianthold zone which is I think a Level 14 zone.

Cryptic simply don't have the ability to generate that kind of quality content in great volume so they instead they open up what content they have to everyone and have to rely on Lockboxes and ship sales as their main source of income.

There is a reason why no one raves about Cryptics content, I think if you ask anyone on here what they think about the content in this game most would say it's not exactly the most titillating. Thats not say it isn't fun in parts, but for example STF's are only fun for me because I love teaming up, but the PVE challenge there is hardly the same grabbing a team and doing Eyes of Stone on Elite (and that isn't even an End-Game mission.. it's only level 15-16).

The game is what it is, and some people like the way it is, others not and others again don't really care either way, but trying to argue that it is as successful as DDO which frankly was the game that showed F2P was actually profitable I think is not possible.

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