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Originally Posted by dashuk2381 View Post
I think it depends on your playstyle honestly.
Well, presently, I'm using a heavy cruiser with 4 mkiv/v phasers, quantum torps in the front and quantum mines in the back. I did use High Yield for a while in addition to Fire At Will II, but after dealing with my ship's the slow turn rate, I decided to switch it for Tactical Team I. Which isn't too bad, but since I also have Engineering and Science Team, I usually only use it if my shields and hull are still in good condition.

Energy drain hasn't been too much of an issue for me, since I'm fully ranked in Starship Batteries and Warp Core Potential, and am slowly ranking up in Warp Core Efficiency as well. I have, however, absolutely zero skills in projectile weapons, though I did recently get an engineering console with better turn rate as a mission reward.