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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
If Cryptic is making May the KDF month, then why all the romulan styled hyping?

Why "march beneath the Raptor's wing", instead of "March for Kahless" under a giant Klingon logo?

I don't mind the kdf getting shinies, its just odd.
The "not to be called S8" will be Romulan related on many levels.
The one thing that seems certain for May, as the devs. are still witholding any usefull info of what it will be, is that the story revolved around New Romulus will expand. Also getting Denise Crosby to do voiceovers for Sela goes in that direction. This has been stated many times by different devs. even before they stopped calling the May update S8.
That's the reason for the Romulan style hyping. They said that new FEs are on the way and most probably are Romulan related with New Romulus and events revolving around this colony. I'm not sure about an actual Romulan faction though, so I don't want to jump to conclusions. However, having new Romulan FEs and end-game content related to developments in Tau Dewa can be reason enough for the hype to be Romulan flavoured.

Noone ever said that May will be "the KDF month". I can only recall mr.Stahl saying that the next update will be positive for the KDF. To me, a positive update doesn't have to mean that the whole content coming in the update will be Klingon flavoured or KDF only.
It could very much be this before mentioned Romulan related content, while the KDF gets the option to start at level 1 followed with some leveling content, a couple of new uniforms in the Z-Store (they already mentioned this happening as well) and maybe a new Negh'var. For me, this will certainly be a positive step forward for the KDF, I don't expect magic and miracles.

Originally Posted by dixa1 View Post
this may also tie in to the movie, which releases in may

JJ for the first time said there are klingons in the upcoming movie just a few weeks ago. could be some more retro klink stuff
Oh yes, the Klingon helmets and coats from the J.J. movie! I'd buy that uniform pack in a heartbeat!
Reading this, devs.?

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