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03-13-2013, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
Torp skills are worth having if you have the Tactical bridge officer slots available. I dont use any torp skills on any of my ships, because they have limited boff slots and I can get similar return from equipment alone (Breen cluster torp gives a pattern, and the Nadion Detonator wll give a heavy upgrade to non-specials). I am using my slots for extra Tac Team, to keep shields rotating and damage boosted.
I agree here. I don't use torp skills like I use to. If anything I will use the torpedo spread 3 because I like the way it looks when you fire on a group of ships.

At lower levels you kind of depend on Torpedoes to finish the job. You do what you can to punch a shield to get a torp on hull. But in end game content I can get more use out of my energy weapons by focusing all my skills/buffs/consoles on boosting their damage.

Here is the way I look at all my setups anymore. I don't like using anything that conditions have to be right for. As an example, I only fire torpedoes when I have a hull shot. (except the new romulan torpedo, that thing is just a beam weapon really)