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03-13-2013, 11:42 AM
This one just kinda made me laugh at my own stupidity........

CSE - Near the beginning, on the Middle group. I'm flying the Kumari w/ the little guy cannons that follow you. I kinda drifted over to the left side(as you are facing it), get to the second level of probes - then the Borg Negh'Var spawns and I am way to close to it..........first thing the BNV does is hit me with an Isometric charge........everything went slow - I saw it bounce of me, then one of my flying cannons, then back to me....(I can't remember how many times those things bounce)....then boom full shield and hull(for what it's worth on the Kumari) gone....puff I go into oblivion...I'm pretty sure my whole team did a giant eyeroll......