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03-13-2013, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by eisaakaz View Post
I hear people talk about power drain all the time.

Just sitting in park my power levels are 125/75/40/50. Sometimes I adjust them up or down depending on what is happening, but with buffs I almost never fall below 95% on weapon power and that is all 6 beams running on my cruiser. I never see power loss in my other ships.

I think most are referring to true "beam boats" with 7-8 beam arrays going, you can really cut into weapon pwr especially if you broadside. Personally I think 6 is the sweet spot, and I usually sub in a DBB in the front for more frontal punch on an initial approach then have 5 to broadside with to maximize weapon pwr, then can swing around to dump a Torp Spread III or High Yield II. I agree though, as an ENG it seems like my power levels are always hovering over 90ish even while firing with all the buffs I have.