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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
This is exactly how hugely successful F2P's like DDO work you pay for stuff of substance, I.e. access to entire zones, quest chains and epic raids...

They are amazing, for example Gianthold and the 4 Part Crypt series are mind blowingly good. And the value for money aspect is great Gianthold is almost as much content as the entire STO endgame alone and it only cost $15 dollars about half the price of Baldurs Gate when it came out.
I have to say, I would never play it if that was what they sold to us. I prefer buying vanity items than game content. Every MMO I've played which has gone down that line, I've stopped playing. I like F2P games where they are actually F2P and paid content is an extra but not required. As do most people.
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