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Originally Posted by khamseenair View Post
I have to say, I would never play it if that was what they sold to us. I prefer buying vanity items than game content. Every MMO I've played which has gone down that line, I've stopped playing. I like F2P games where they are actually F2P and paid content is an extra but not required. As do most people.
I prefer games that focus on real content as their payment model because it means that they actually have a reason to produce actual content and not just vanity items and lock boxes which is all we seem to get with Cryptic at the moment.

DDO is actually free to play and you can earn points in game to unlock adventure packs. As it is I haven't even completed the Free 2 Play stuff in DDO yet because even after 3 years of playing it all 4 of my characters are only Level 17

However just like this game good luck with getting anything cool quickly... you won't it will take you a lot of grinding.

When you say "As do most people" there are 2 Million Gamers who play DDO who disagree. In addition you forget that it still has a subscriber model that for like $9 a month gives every adventure pack available.

Honestly I kind of regretted getting LTS for this game after Season 7, I can't say I say the same with DDO.

I agree with you though on one thing if Cryptic tried to sell me Feature Episodes that are of the current quality and depth I'd be going elsewhere.

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