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Originally Posted by timeras View Post
Standard Customer Service Solution. Just ignore your customers or distract them long enough with some other "bugfixes". Cryptic is cool, giving the players the feeling of beeing close to them (interviews in podcasts etc.), but the marketing decisions are as bad as in any other game from SOE or EA.

I wouldn't go this far quite yet. Unless Cryptic bought one of the best strategy games ever made, promptly shelved it, pretended it didn't exist but kept it alive for legal reasons related to their purchase of the game for over three years, didn't post a single fix or update during at least the last two years the game was running, then killed it all to bastardize its code for lesser games which they also treat like garbage.

If they have... well then, I agree. But for a company to earn my wrath as much as SOE takes a special talent.

Not bitter about Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga one bit. No sir.

Still thinking about doing something in the Foundry in tribute to it, though.

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