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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Ooc: oh!!!! Lol ok

Jacob is standing in the armory he uses on the harvest.

Jacob: isacc Matthews please report to armory alpha.

Isacc walks in

Isacc: you called Jacob.

Jacob:yes I have something for you to use.

Taps a control and a bulked up suit appears.

Jacob: this is the mark XV heavy combat suit. Armed with everything I have and then some. It also is more armored and has a small version of the phaser lance and has full power point phaser blast. It's not as fast or maneuverable as mine but it is a nary peace of work. I want you to use it in the attack.
*OOC: Isaac, Jacob...

Where do you get these names from, not that I'm complaining (it's more original than James Rhodes at least, lol)?

On a side note, thought of a name for your guy yet? I'm definitely calling this one 'Armada'.

Oh, mind if I add a few things to the suit? You've given me plenty to work with as a base line, but there's a few things I'd like to add...*

Isaac: I'm honoured.
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