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03-13-2013, 01:28 PM
You know that last bad decision you made with the Fleet Marks and all the crap that went on because of that? That was something that we didn't "pay" for... many of us put real cash into STO to purchase the ships + the dil weapons - so this is now an issue with you changing something that we have actually purchased so expect a HELL of a lot more grief from everyone on this.

Sorry but while you may "reserve the right to change stats" etc. - this sort of action is nothing short of highway robbery. You advertised something - we purchased it in good faith - and now you are going to severely nerf it because you apparently made a mistake. And its taken how long to address this after the weapons release??? .

Cmon guys, these decisions and the way you are handling some of these issues is getting beyond a joke. How about you show a little bit of respect for your playerbase for a change instead of constantly treating us with contempt.