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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Ooc: make up a name then lol. Names are not my specialty. Lol. That's why I said that.
OOC: Well... I was thinking 'James Rhodes'! Kidding, kidding....*

Okay... how 'bout Blake Matthews? Yeah... I like that...


*Blake stares at the Grey Armour. It's predominantly grey (funny that), with the main armour being a dark grey and the joints and lighter armour being a light grey/silver. It has light blue highlights.

It's bulk mainly comes from the Omega Reactor in the torso unit, since Blake doesn't rely on the same heart unit Jacob does. it also contains a lot more "bang for its buck", with the afore mentioned weapons, plus the micro-transphasic torpedo pods, Phaser Gatling cannons, Heavy Shield Generator, and the Tricobalt Micro-Torpedo launcher (with one torpedo).*

Blake: Can I try it out?
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