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03-13-2013, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
Can you point out where my idea is bad and how it would destroy the game?
Not the game per say but rather current mechanics in place.

And the reason is simple, Dilithium trade.

Right now you can spend Dilithium but its a one way street, you can buy items with them or put it on Fleet projects, now this cuts gold sellers from doing Dilithium farming to see it because the only potential customer are Fleets.

By allowing a "Dilithium bank" the only defense mechanism on Fleets is gone, it would allow Fleets with wallets to pay Dilithium farmers in bulk since there would be no limits, this is one of the reasons why they are very weary of adding a cancel project button, at least one that would give refunds since it could lead to potential abuses.

Anything that deals with Dilithium is problematic due to the current system being entirely locked, anything that allows external storage outside your account can lead to abuses.

Also by making a "bank" this would be a way for Fleets to extort a tax or membership fee by forcing members to donate to project (like a provisioning project) so it goes to the bank or be kicked out, right now Fleets have no way of forcing a Dilithum fee since the entire system offers no feedback to who contributed what to where and attempts to force a Dilithium fee are self defeating due to how there is no Fleet storage system for Dilithium.

In the end such mechanic would bring a lot of problems, it would given rise to Dilithium Farmers that would complicate the Dilithium economy and would also allow Fleets to be able to "shake down" their members.