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Jacob: of course Blake.
*Blake steps onto the pad in front of the Armour's pedestal, stepping into the heavy metal boots that were mounted on it, and robotic arms pull the armour off the pedestal and fit it to Blake, the pieces clamping together immediately on contact. The whole process take less than a minute, but after he clamps the face plate down, the armour activates, and the AI Jacob designed for it - 'PACES' (Pilot-Armour Combat Entourage System) - uploads into the UI.*

PACES *For future reference, unless stated otherwise, always talking to Blake in the armour or armoury*: Good Evening, Mr. Matthews.

Blake: Roland?

PACES: PACES, sir. Pilot-Armour Combat Entourage System, at your service.

Blake: Huh, nice to meet you, PACES.

PACES: Likewise.

Shall I run a diagnostic, sir?

Blake: Er, yeah, how about you just load up a few preferences first?

PACES: Certainly.

Loading preference package Halsey-1

*The HUD configures to show the power levels on the left part of the HUD, Armour and Shield integrity along the bottom, and speed along the right. There's also a navigation system in the top-right corner.*

Blake: Great. Can you put up my weapon status?

PACES: Location?

Blake: Say... bottom right?

PACES: Certainly.

*The Weapon display appears in the bottom right corner.*

Blake: Cool.

Okay, run a diagnostic.

PACES: Stand by.

All systems green.

Blake: Okay, let's try this puppy out!

*He walks over to the Airlock, leaving the ship and engaging the thrusters, taking care to remain inside the Harvest's Warp Bubble as it and the other intercept ships start gaining speed.*

Now THIS is awesome!

PACES: Sir, if you're not careful, you could drift out of the Harvest's Warp Field, and the result would be unfortunate.

Blake: How unfortunate?

PACES: 'Bug on a windshield' unfortunate.

Blake: Right.

*Blake lands on the hull, magnetising to it. He opens a channel to Jacob in the armoury.*

Gotta say, Jake, I'm LOVING the suit!
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