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03-13-2013, 02:32 PM

One thing is to announce .. lets say 2-5 days before hand... another is to do it when someoen asks for it.

They dont have to make a discount just cuz you want it... The "plz" at the end of the first post was just pathetic.

Iv dealt with people like that on my own game that has a small microtransaction... you get messages and posts about "plz make sale now".

Sales should be completely unexpected (with yeah few days of notice). Else If you do them at given times, people just hold back on all purchases until its discount.

Just like i delayed buying my new gfx card for almost a month... to get large xmas discounts.

for lifetime purchase there should be a 10 days or so refund if the sale does happen.. a month is too long.

And for zen purchases - no refunds.

Its just like it is everywhere - you buy a new car, but its on sale next week... you dont ge ta refund.