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03-13-2013, 03:54 PM
The main quality of life suggestion is to actually get real support when a person sends a ticket for a problem instead of a template answer.

I haven't been able to alter the appearance of my Fleet Excel since I purchased it more than three months ago, several tickets, one response that it was sent to QA and a month -and-a-half later nothing since. I've even sent tickets asking if this is a common problem (being that I haven't seen it listed as an issue that they are aware of), no answer at all.

I sent a ticket asking the get just the dilithium from the winter mission and there answer was to delete the mission and re-do it (after Winter Wonderland ended). I would have been okay with a "too late to retrieve" or something, but a template answer that made it sound like they didn't even understand what the problem was is not helpful.