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03-13-2013, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
It's meant to be solely a method to refund fleets as a whole. Players cannot add to the storage. (closing the extorting loophole)
They can, its simple.

Queue a provisioning project, those are 200k, only Dilithium input ... now after the contributions come its cancelled, refund to Fleet Dithium bank.

Players can add to storage, by refund.

The only issue is tracking and Fleet Credits.

Example if cosmetic projects were to be cut in half to 100k. The "bank" would gain 100k per completed project.
They are never do that, same reason why when a price of a product gets cut 4 months after you brought it you dont get the difference back, Sony certainly doesnt mail checks or gives credit when the PS3 gets a price cut.

Also there is the issue of FCs, unlikely Embassy Provisions were you get nothing, you do get FCs for Dilithium input, also there is the question were that "refund" Dilithium would give FCs since it must.

Fleet captains would not be able to obtain the refunded materials for personal use. Only redirect recovered dilithium into other projects.
Any refund would be for the people that spend it, the FC creates a issue since anything you put with one exception generates FCs.

The system doesn't exist, hence why in my original post with the idea I mention adding the tech.
Your idea creates too many issues because of how the system works, a refund to the Fleet is ignoring contributor because if I donated 200k and the Fleet dies out, making me leave and then now there is a refund mechanism that does what? gives Dilithium to a non-entity I am no longer part of? It did generated FCs for me so would they stay or be gone ... if its removed then what happens if I spend it and have less FCs that the ones generated? will I be put on negative FCs? If not then isnt this a 100k per Special Project handout?

Issues, many issues even by it only be a "refund" for Special Projects because fact is, 200k worth of Dilithium generated FCs to contributors, if that is untouched then its a handout and one no company does because it lowered their product prices.

I'm personally not expecting the price to be lowered. Just saying it would be nice
If they lower the cost its doesnt mean you should get a refund, you are asking to add a system that simply cannot be added because the mechanics involved dont exist.

The only way for it to work was if the a Dilithium storage was added to the Fleet, you cannot make a NPC to act as a player because a NPC is not a player, he cannot contribute and you cannot ask him to contribute because its a non-entity, you are just making it a Dilithium Storage and if it starts with a Dilithum handout then you can be sure it will be expanded because people WILL ask it to be expanded and so the Fleet membership fee begins.