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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*James watching as 10 Iconian vessels start turning on the rest as silver colored... *

James: Oh... *&^*(..... Sam... Jacob better come up with something fast... Because We can't keep this up... Taragi and his bunch are losing the edge..
Sam: I'm betting these things have a hive mind. Think about it. They almost overloaded Matthews' AI with a data transfer. What if we search through the frequecy range until we find something that hurts them?

Blake *Over comm*: Matthews here. I just had PACES analyse our systems. I've figured out why I'm having an easier time with these guys now. When PACES switched to the lower frequency range, he did the same to my shields and weapons.

Transmitting the data to you now. They should have more trouble adapting now.

Sam: Thanks, Armada!

Halsey, you and Armada clear out the fighters then give the Iconians a hand!

Blake *Over comm*: I copy that.

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