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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
OOC: Yeah but since it touched guess what..

*Another small form breaks off of the orb and forms into something pure silver... A suit.. and begins attacking Armada and brutally*
*Blake uses his blades to block, before firing an Omega Blast from his chest reactor and forcing the duplicate away. He tries to put some distance between them, panting.*

Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Jacob: get away from them. Let your system reset.

He heads quickly to where Blake is and starts firing away with his mini phaser canons.

Jacob: Roland have the harvest prepare to fire the subspace torpedoe. Blake we need to draw as many of them as we can here. When that torpedoe fires the subspace rift will rip Nything near it apart.
Blake: Little busy right now!

PACES, do I have any weaknesses I should know about?!

PACES: Of course. If he is a duplicate of your armour, then he has the same weaknesses as it.

Blake: Exactly!

PACES: The Omega Reactor. Breach it, and the explosion will destroy the suit.

Blake: Can we contain the blast?

PACES: The Subspace Dampening field Preston employs will do that for us.

Blake: Okay, Phaser Lance!

*The micro-torp pods retract and the Lance takes the place of the right shoulder-mounted pod. The Tricobalt launcher takes place of the left-mounted pod.*

Wait for it!

*The duplicate charges again.*


*The Lance fires, bringing down the shield before Blake lets loose with the Tricobalt Micro-Torp. The explosion destroys the duplicate.*


Let's not do that again.

*He switches back to the micro-torps.

He flies away from the torpedo at Warp One.*

Jacob, how much damage is that gonna do?
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