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03-13-2013, 07:49 PM
Sorry for the late response, and thank you for the posts.

Chroniton Torp was cheap and Photon Torp was with the Nadeon Detonator. The whole build except the weapons was cheap.

I forgot that I had some toys in the bank, so I broke them out, for testing.
Bio-Neural warhead replaced the Chroniton torp.
Isometric Charge replaced the Nadeon Detonator.
Tricobalt replaced the Photon torp.
I also had 2xDBB so am trying that out as well.

Aux2SiF was replace by EPtS2.
I really don't want another GW build. which is why I went with Photonic Shockwave this time.
Still not sure on how well Tachyon Beam is helping out...

on Doffs, not sure what I would want there yet...

I thought about using cannons/turrets, but decided to use beams/torps instead.
Although, If I don't want torps, I have considered;
fore: 2x cannon, 1xDBB
aft: 2x turrets, 1xBA

I think that I replied to everything. If not, just let me know.
Thank You for the advice and further suggetsions are welcome.