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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
I don't recall any Trek movie being smart....WOK was a basic revenge flick.

maaaaaybe TMP but a lot of people find it boring
Undiscovered Country was a lot more cerebral than people give it credit for. Sure theres a lot of action-y stuff, with all the sabotage, prison escape plot, and all that crap. But it also has Kirk overcoming his racism, coming to terms with the death of his son, and accepting his age, the argument that logic has it's flaws as well, death, and whether something exists beyond it, and whether it's more honorable to go down fighting, or admit that you need help. Plus it has some of the greatest lines in Star Trek history.

The only ones that truly tried to be intelligent failed spectacularly.

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
I like the new engineering section.

The only reason the TOS engineering room was just a room full of blinky lights and a screened-off warp core was because that was all the budget and the set space at Desilu allowed for.

Personally I think the guts of a huge ship should look like the guts of a huge ship.
Please, by all means, do tell me where the Warp Core on the JJprise is.

It don't look like the guts of a huge ship. It looks like a brewery.

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