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Sorry coaches about the duplicate post, but when I tried to edit the title, which incorrectly read Thursday rather than Wednesday, the changes never went through. In sum:

Meeting: WED, March 20th, 8pm/2000 CDT and 7pm/1900 EDT.

And here was the original message:

Dear Coaches,

I will be attending a conference out of town on the Saturday before Boot Camp (30.3.2013), which means that I will need to hold the pre-session meeting on a non-standard day. It is very important that coaches attend this meeting, since we will be discussing a number of key topics:

- Stage 4 Evaluations
- Advanced Seminars
- New Boot Camp Initiatives

As always, thank you coaches for your ongoing support of Boot Camp. You are what makes this project great.

PvP Boot Camp Project Leader Emeritus

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