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03-13-2013, 08:25 PM
I noticed this at DS9 today, although I'm not sure why I didn't notice it sooner because I used to frequent DS9 quite often, but here it is.

Sovereign/DS9 size comparison

Here is a couple of shots from the shows

Enterprise D docking at DS9

Defiant docking at DS9

Here is a size comparison chart of Federation ships

Comparison chart

The last chart shows the size difference between the Defiant and Sovereign classes. The photo from in-game shows my Sovereign easily able to fit into one of the docking bays on the outside ring. Looking at the stills you can see that the Defiant just fits into the dock on the outside ring, and the Enterprise D is too large to use the outside ring so it has to dock at the end of the arms extending from the outside ring. Look again at the size chart, and you can see that the Sovereign is far larger than the Defiant, and slightly larger than the Galaxy.

I took some other shots to compare several other ships in STO to my Sovereign, and they all look fairly accurate, but DS9 is far too large.

My question to the developers is this: Is this intentional? Is it something having to do with the game mechanics as to why DS9 is so oversized?

My question to the community: Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone noticed any other size discrepencies in STO?
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