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03-13-2013, 08:41 PM
I would not hold my breath for Mk XIII and Mk XIV gear. Stahl implied a halt to things like this in recent interview. He even put into question there would be Tier VI ships.

Think of it this way: suppose you want to update your video card for your computer. You know the card is important and that the NVidia GTX Titan is the current king of the line (Mk XII). The question remains, do you spend to get the top of the line now? Or do you wait for that inevitable "better card" when it comes out... which may be one or more years from now, at the earliest.

For the record, I just installed an eVGA Titan this last weekend... and I've carry six Phaser XII arrays {Acc x 3] in my inventory (currently using five) for some time. Kerrat is the place to get Mk XII gear like this, or spend the energy credits. Yes, Accx3 is crucial in PvP, but it is useful in PvE as well since excess Acc converts to increase chance of criticals (CritH), which is much easier to do in PvE than PvP. In PvE (i.e. elite STFs), I average a crit once every 6 shots... and I do not have the Accuracy trait for my character, and I am not firing any cannons either.