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This is an example of one of the constant frustrations with this game - the stupid, unavoidable insta-kill damage spikes that cannot be outgeared or outskilled:

I was just one-shot, at full shields and hull, by Donatra's Torpedo Salvo III in KSE.

ACT Screenshot:

For those keeping score at home, that's 11,797 Shield damage and 50,837 hull damage in two seconds or less.

Unfortunately, my MK XII Adapted MACO Covariant Shield only has 11,796 hit points, so...yeah.

Emergency Power to Shields was up at the time, for the increased shield power/damage reduction, but to no avail.

Saw I had pulled aggro, popped Evasive to get out of range, and boom, insta-kill at full hull and full shields, in a well-geared ship.

Happens all the time, obviously, but I would prefer a game where death was avoidable.

The point isn't that the game is too difficult (it's not), it's that it's too random/frustrating.