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03-13-2013, 09:04 PM
Oh lordy. These are my favorite! Let's begin shall we?

1. DS9 is about 5 times it's actual size.

2. Spacedock is too small. Canonically it can contain 8 Galaxy Class sized ships. The Galaxy Class cannot fit through the doors.

3. K-7 is FIFTY times its actual size! It should be smaller than a Galaxy Class.

4. Every shuttle is too big. Supposedly this too make them easier for players to "see", but there are actual sized shuttles/fighters in game.

5. Torpedos are too large. Seriously.

6. The Defiant is also too big.

7. The B'rel, and Jem'hadar bugship are supposed to be smaller than the Defiant.

8. The D'deridex and Scimitar of all things are too small.

9. Most of the combages, the TNG ones in particular, are way too big.

10. The Odyssey is an interesting case. Due to it having no canon size, it's tricky trying to figure out how big it's really supposed to be. But the more you look at it currently, the weirder it looks. Going from the number of floors, it's only about the size of the Sovy. However, it looks really stupid at that size. So based on it's crew capacity and description, that makes it wider than a Galaxy class.

11. The Jem'hadar Dreadnought is about half it's actual size.

12. All the shuttles are more or less the same size. Even if you have only a passing experience with the show, you know that this is really wrong.

...and that's just what I have at the top of my head.

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