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03-13-2013, 09:29 PM
You can find all the details on how excess [Acc] turns into crit here:

Basically, every 10% extra [Acc] over an opponent's defense value turns into 1.25% CrtH bonus and 5% CrtD bonus, which is probably less valuable than any other modifier. For reference, with maxed Targeting Systems and a single [Acc] modifier my turrets have never missed in my last two STFs (I'm pretty sure I don't have Accurate, but I'll try to remember to double check that next time I'm in game). So if you're not going to PvP you don't really have to worry about [Acc] except for projectiles and fighters, both of which are usually minor concerns (caveat: may not apply for the later levels of No Win Scenario, the people I saw discussing that did seem to be trying hard to intercept projectiles).