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2. Spacedock is too small. Canonically it can contain 8 Galaxy Class sized ships. The Galaxy Class cannot fit through the doors.
Actually the size of Spacedock is accurate to the films. The starbase we see the Ent-D fly inside in a couple of TNG episodes is not Spacedock, it's Starbase 74, a ludicrously scaled up version of Spacedock. The Galaxy class was never even supposed to be able to enter Spacedock because it was too large. It was intended to dock on the exterior.

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8. The D'deridex and Scimitar of all things are too small.

11. The Jem'hadar Dreadnought is about half it's actual size.
No, they're relatively accurate. The Dreadnought was always intended to be 1500m long but in game it's closer to 1300m. The D'deridex is about the same size as the Dread and it's official length was meant to be 1300m. The Scimitar's length is only 800m. The width is what makes it seem big in Nemesis, but really it's not larger than the D'deridex.
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So yes... you could get everything here for free.
Just like you can get a free steak dinner by collecting dropped pennies in the parking lot.