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03-13-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Yeah turn it from a unsupported feature into a supported feature, add the fov adjuster in gfx options please cryptic. I mean most pc games do this. It should be a standard by now to have this.
Changing (removing) the Fisheye optics makes some things in the game actually look quite good.
Before that, especailly ships with long nacelles looked even worse. (sorry i don't want to step on anyones toes, but i just hate when a ship has long nacelles, like the Sovereign, Odyssey or Excelsior.)
The Fisheye perspective intensified that effect even more.

Look at this to see what i mean:

You see, the angle of the nacelles become wider and wider the closer you get. I don't know about others, but i hate that. It makes those rediculusly long nacelles look even longer.

But now, with removing the fisheye, i can finally fly my Regent without giving me creeps!

Thanks for giving us the hint, how to change the fisheye perspective!
And i fully agree with cptskeeteruk, this feature should become a supported feature and be a option at the graphics options.

I would appreciate this even more if ther where an option to differ between Space and Ground.
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