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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
7. The B'rel, and Jem'hadar bugship are supposed to be smaller than the Defiant.
Then explain the fact the Bug Ship model had a plate saying the length was 150 meters and also why Martok's BoP was 158 meters?

DS9 is a pile of VF shoots absurdities, the station itself was grown from 1,100 meters to 1,609 meters! the absurdity never ever ends because your 120 meters Defiant makes NO SENSE with the Chaffee shuttlepod.

It appears they hated to be consistent, as much I like to say "the idiocy that is Voyager" at least they had some consistence, sure Voyager had a "Shuttlebay of Holding +3" and there are many absurdities like the Delta Flyer and Voyager Hangar doors (and Neelix ship) but still at least they put down the abilities of Voyager, not "well 120 doesnt work, lets put it at 170" ... granted the Klingon Bird-of-Prey will ALWAYS have size problems because it was shown at different sizes and this is why I dont like when someone tries to bring about a ship that was never consistent in size as "supposedly be" anything because if anything it was not consistence before and guess what? its not going to be consistent with anything you say unless you are saying its size is inconsistent.