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03-14-2013, 12:28 AM
Well that is a new one in numbers have to agree.There were some federation teams using 2 cruisers and a recluse or 2 recluse using transfer shield between them and FAW with elite auto-healing weapons and probably having human boff's (that is equal to 204 % repair rate) but I haven't meet a full team of 5 .Yet.

My fleet doesn't have access to T4 weapons but i noticed in PVP that these elite weapons can do something against one auto-healing FAW.One thing it works is to tractor the cruiser and hit it with elite weapons if you have them.If there is shield transfer in between than things are getting complicated.
On the other hand I think the OP is from orions and he probably already has the kdf elite disruptors on his ship.If even the elite disruptors can't do anything against fed zombie ship's then I don't know what to say.

I already said it in forum that in these moment federation is stacking many heals (leadership =204% +autohealing FAW) while kdf has limited firepower and burst capabilities to do much against them.There were games were full kdf team couldn't kill one T5 federation cruiser running the healing combo.Yes kdf won that day because there was just one fed zombie ship but slowly all federation ships will get tougher and tougher to kill.Kumari , who is supposed to be a glass canon, if it stacks the combo become a zombie escort with a firepower capable to kill a raptor on 2 passes.

That is why I asked in forum 5 fore /5 tactical console ships to kdf ,because PVP from some time is getting much harder for kdf due to only federation healing buff's (don't want to start the leadership issue -it is another thread and yes the availability for kdf of human boffs is near zero)
Actually when you have to fight such cruisers +transfer shield power then PVP is starting to look more like grind . Btw personally am doing less PVP now than I did before the fleet marks wrapper/leadership fixed/kumari/elite weapons issue.
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