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03-14-2013, 01:16 AM
I have two copies of TacTeam (and EPtS) in my keybind tray, which means it should have the maximum possible uptime. You can't keep it the buff active continuously, and I can't say for sure whether it was up during those two seconds. EPtS was certainly up, because it's always up.

Moreover, there is an activation time on all abilities that prevents you from firing off multiple cooldowns in a split second.

The situation was that I was shooting Donatra from somewhere around 7km away. Somebody else had agro, and I was watching the Target-of-Target so I could see immediately if/when Donatra targeted me. I was also watching the range so I could stay > 5km from her.

When Donatra switched targets, I immediately started turning away while I popped Evasive. I looked back up at the center of the screen and glanced at my health display (still full) and the increasing range from Donatra, then torpedos started exploding around me and I was insta-dead. At the moment I blew up, I was trying to activate my hull heal, but didn't get it off in time (the first three torpedos combined only did fairly minor hull damage, because I started with full shields). The last torpedo crit for over 42k against my hull after taking out the few remaining points of shield.

Unclear whether there was time to fire off Brace for Impact. Evasive has a 0.5s activation, and BFI is 1 second. There is also some latency. I will obviously try to get it off next time...

Concerning "having a REAL tank in your group", unlike every other group finder I have seen in other MMOs, STO's ignores any conception of roles. The group I was in was put together by Cryptic, not me. I did, in fact, hold my fire for around 5 seconds to allow somebody else to get aggro before I started attacking. But since the typical PuG member does 1-3K DPS, and I do more like 6-7K, it is hard not to pull aggro in a group with no tanks. Normally I kite her from 11km away after I get aggro, at least until I've healed to full and have cooldowns available a quick dash back in and out of weapon range.

In fact, on my Engineer character (with cruiser), I regularly tank Donatra successfully. She has never killed my Engineer-tank, in dozens of elite-mode PuG and Fleet runs. With that said, if three or four torpedoes in a salvo crit (unlikely but possible - and that is what is stupid), they could take out even a fully-healed, fully-buffed, Engineer-piloted cruiser.

Unless they redesign the game to enforce roles, which I would be all in favor of, but (obviously) don't expect, they should not design content that assumes every group has a tank who can both hold aggro and survive 100K or more raw incoming damage over two seconds...

IMO, if you are reasonably geared, fully healed, and not ignoring important mechanics, a single attack should not kill you, period. It may (and should) force you to react quickly and effectively to avoid dying to the next attack in a few seconds.