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Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post
Now wait a second...

Fed Sci ship vs klink

3 forward weapons -vs- 4 [advantage klinks]
Sci ship no DHC and only 2 Tactical Consoles [advantage klinks]

You tell me what skill is going to overcome DPS output by an enemy...

My bridge officers do not lack in skills the devs keep reducing the effectiveness of my skills. A sci ship captain is being marginalized because we are being pushed into one style of play "he who has the most and biggest guns wins". They are eliminating any other style of warfare. It has become an arms race to see who can spend the most money. And for those of us who try to use something other than brute force against brute force our ships are being neutralized.

Don't believe it? Then ask yourself why every console that is defensive has diminishing returns and none of the offensive consoles do? The math supports that in PvP the escort classes on both sides can do the most DPS. So because I was able to placate slow and or scramble these opponents my sci ship became a threat. The powers that be couldn't have a old supposedly obselete ship going toe to toe with thier new ships in a fair fight. So they began to tinker with the consoles.... when that didn't work they took away the +5 space trait of the Saurians...then they started tinkering with the Sci Bridge Officer abilities.

So please tell us what skill is going to overcome DPS output by an enemy...

Still think it is possible for a Intrepid to beat those pay to win klink ships with brige officer skills?
When I was leveling up my first Fed science officer, I went into Kerrat and a BoP delcloaked and fired on me. I returned fire and began to debuff him starting with Subnuc and sensor scan. Then fired off EPtS to give my shields a little boost. When I started to get the upper hand, he engaged his battle cloak and I thought "ok." I started moving towards my primary objectives (the Borg) and low and behold, there sits my tormentor waiting for his CDs to expire. Needless to say, he did not sit there long.