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# 1 Cruiser Build Thread
03-14-2013, 02:41 AM
I have noticed over the past... ah who am I kidding, ever since I joined the game, people have always been complaining about cruisers not doing enough damage. I have also seen claims from multiple players that their cruisers CAN do insane damage.

So I figured instead of having them constantly berating each other in an endless online pissing contest on the forums, why not have a thread where players can post up their builds, so that people can test them out and see for themselves whether or not a build works.

Now for the pointless part:


1) Post up the FULL build. As in ship, equipment, consoles, BOffs, DOffs (this includes, but is not limited to mk level, rarity, weapon modifiers, deflector/shield/engine modifiers, etc).

Note: Skill trees are optional.

2) Explain the build. Give players a general idea behind the build, how it's designed to work, and basic pointers on how to use it (in case someone decides to try it out)

3) DO NOT FLAME OTHER BUILDS. If you disagree with a build, you are entitled to that opinion. But please do not openly attack someone's build.

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