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03-14-2013, 03:26 AM
I remember back in the days of Streets of SimCity, and SimCopter. We made copy after copy of those games, and we all enjoyed the games! I know that may not be legal in today's world, but an approach like Steam has would indeed solve the issues. Actually, Star Trek Online is the ONLY online game I have, and likely will forever be. Sure, I have Spore, but it is running on a Windows XP Virtual Machine (VMware Player), so it has no effect on the Windows 7 of the master computer.

This constant online business is the reason I will never buy anything EA, and why I will not buy Sims 3 (even though I LOVE the Sims), and why I will not buy the new SimCity (even though I LOVE SimCity). Always Online, and pushing DRM = not gonna buy. Nyet, nei, nein, na, non, and no!

The other SimCities were great, and were offline only. We can still do the region feature, and remain offline. We know we can because SimCity 4 did it, and did so perfectly fine. So, why is this one online only? Downloading Origin is bad enough. If it was purely offline play, no downloading clients, but the option to download buildings from the website directly (Like SimCity 3000), THEN I might have at least considered buying this game.

/end rant

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