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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
the BOs are draining you too much. imo you should lose both for another faw (that is an optional) and for APB (that is a must or another APO for more movement, tho apb would increase pet dps)

what are the cannon doffs doing there? if they are what I think (the cannon reload doffs), why are they there? you use beams. get one of the tac team buff doffs, and if you have, get in there an exocomp with a weapons battery to use

also a bit more drastic, is to try an auxtobat build
I agree with this assessment. Bo with beam arrays doesn't hit hard enough. I would switch to a DBB or switch the boffs to a 2nd FAW and an APB. If you're just for PVE use the EPTW as it will help your dps along with these changes. Lose the cannon doffs for damage control doffs for near 100%up time of both EPTS and EPTW.

For PvP you could also use a Beam of target shields and rotate that and FAW.

If you truly want to do DPS jump in the JHAS. Cant get much better than that for damage

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