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03-14-2013, 07:07 AM
I added myself to this endeavor last night (Marcus@Malanthris) and figured I'd chime in a little.

I'm doing things a little differently than normal for online games, where I typically join an established guild. I usually help out as much as asked but tend to avoid leadership as I do that for a living and everyone needs a break from decision making. The best guild I've ever been in had no leadership and was a group of mature, self-regulating people that got along and enjoyed the game together. I've been having difficulty finding such a group in numerous games, including this one. This also requires extensive screening of applicants which will keep numbers low.

It's been mentioned that competition for quality players is tough but to be quite honest there haven't been any guilds that really stood out and caught my eye. I haven't played enough to adequately gauge why. Perhaps I've been bitten too much recently by guilds where leadership has lost interest and am gun shy, or it could be a multitude of reasons. I will admit to being rather picky on what I attach my name to. I don't know how prevalent my type of player is but there have to be more out there.

I wouldn't let trolls or pessimists get you down, however. That's going to happen, especially in a free game.