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03-14-2013, 08:32 AM
Ship: Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit

Fore Weapons:
3x Spiral Wave Disruptors [Acc]x2, [Dmg]x2
Kinetic Cutting Beam

Aft Weapons:
4x Spiral Wave Disruptors [Acc]x2, [Dmg]x2

Assimilated Deflector Array
Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines Mk XII
Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array Mk XII

Subspace Field Modulator
Weapon Battery
Rechargeable Shield Battery
Engine Battery

Engineering Consoles:
Very Rare Neutronium Alloy Mk XII
Zero Point Energy Conduit
Assimilated Module
Tachyokinetic Convertor

Science Consoles:
2x Very Rare Field Generators Mk XII

Tactical Consoles:
4x Very Rare Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XII

3x Conn-Attack Pattern Variant (Zemok Jenro)
2x Energy Weapons Officer-Beam Recharge Varient

Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Weapons II
Cmd Eng: Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Weapons II, Auxiliary to Structural Integrety Field II, Auxiliary to Structural Integrety Field III
Lt Sci: Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II
Ens Tac: Tactical Team I
LtC Tac: Tactical Team I, Beam Array: Fire at Will II, Attack Pattern Beta II

Notes: The main purpose of this build is DPS/Tank for PVE and Elite STFs. I use the Kinetic Cutting Beam instead of a Torpedo Launcher, as my turn rate is about 11.6 and the 360 degree firing arc renders it moot; and the DPS results I got with it surpassed using a Torpedo. With this build I have received DPS results in ISE ranging from 7144 to 8279 (average of about 7700). With Attack Pattern Beta II I can constantly debuff my target or (with Fire at Will II) targets. I have tried this setup replacing the Spiral Wave Disruptors with the Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array and six Mk XII Romulan Plasma Beam Array [Acc], [CrtH]; and got similar DPS results. I chain Auxiliary to Structural Intergrity Field, so it is constantly running. I am also able to heal my teammates with this: hit teammate with Hazard Emitter, Transfer Shield Strength, and then Auxiliary to Structural once or twice depending on his damage. While it is untested as of yet, Attack Pattern Beta II can be replaced with Attack Pattern Omega I or Attack Pattern Delta II for PVP purposes.