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03-14-2013, 07:32 AM
I use high yield on my cruisers and invest in the requisite skills to make torpedoes worth it. I believe my admiral level cruiser has room in BOff skills to fit in Tac Team and High Yield and has room for a third skill. I am... less certain what to put there. My Tac Officer is the only Vice Admiral I have right now, and I find that I dislike Beam Overload. It does a nice bit of damage but really dings your weapon energy level (even when you hit Emergency Power to Weapons). Fire Beam at Will has many times where it's not very useful to use. Even in a Cruiser, there are plenty of STFs and fleet engagements where I don't want to aggro everything in the vicinity. Trying Attack Pattern Beta right now to see how I like it.

But at any rate, I put torpedoes in one fore and one aft slot, to make it easy to use them when it's a good time to use them. I may have to look at if that's enough beam weapons going at once, but torpedoes are worthwhile to me and deliver a nice spike of damage.