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03-14-2013, 07:50 AM
New Version - 7.1.00:

Release Notes:

- Changed the option for Efficient Impulse Engines to Various Efficient Impulse Engines.
- Added a comment explaining that this entry field can be used for any of the Basic Efficient Impulse Engines, Advanced & Elite Fleet Efficient, the Klingon Honor Guard (KHG), and the Adapted MACO Impulse Engines. All these provide the same buff to Ship's Power based on the ship's current settings (more power at lower settings).
- Added STF KHG/Adapted MACO Tactical Readiness Passive.
- Added the following ships to the Ship Power Stats:
* KDF K'maj, the Fed Yamaguchi, and the Andorian Kumari, Khyzon, and Charal. The Andorian ships were added by their name, and with the racial prefix ("Andorian"). Taking a cue from that, I added D'Kyr as a separate entry from the pre-existing "Vulcan D'Kyr". Stats on these duplicates are the same, only listing them twice for easy location however you look for them.
- Fixed a couple of comment typos.
- Fixed links for Universal Consoles and Sets.
- Removed the "Universal Console" phrase from the Assimilated Module name.
- Corrected spelling of "Dreadnought" on ship page.


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