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03-14-2013, 08:53 AM
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my 2 cents

sadly if some people had "respected the hierarchy" instead of resisting true experienced players wisdom and guidance, they might have found success much before "playing to win" by exploiting op abilities and undermining the games development through massive qq and forum campaigns.

Some people just like to see it "their way" and have their own personal set list of whats acceptable and whats not. They wont fight you when u spam Ryus strong kick. You have to play E. Honda and win (and then: no "throws").

Sadly assembling an ultimate premade tends to lead to non stop pug stomp, and few are willing to enter tournaments unless their preferred flavor of ruleset is the seasoning. Sure sounds like playing not to lose, staying out of fvk, feeling tough when ur 5 man roflstomps a bunch of lower caseds.

Luckily for the people who are truly hard core and have invested heavily their time in this game, there is no illusion of equality. Some 2 minute noob acts a fool hes gone. No base. No fleet. No chance. Build, buy, or earn access to game changing items, skills, and crew, or go home.

pay to win. time or money your choice

keep feeling high and mighty resisting the "cheese" with your 5 lockbox teams and 7 extends.
Not a bad summary at all mini. When people ask me about cheese, i always say queues are game but rules agreed before a premade match is what you fly by. Thats it. If you dont like it, dont enter the queues, dont like the pre arranged premade rules, dont fight.