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I don't know the exact damage output, but I do know that this build can chew through shields. It's an Aux 2 Batt, it's not exactly tough, it uses the Borg set, and I know there's definite room for improvement. Anyhoo...

Assault Refit

Fore: 3 x Mk XI Very Rare Disruptor Cannons 3x[acc], 1x Borg Cutting Beam 3x[dmg]

Aft: 4 x Mk XI Uncommon Disruptor Turret [acc]

Borg Mk XI set for Deflector, Shield, and Engines.

Engineering: 1x Rare Mk XI Neutronium Alloy, 1x Zero-Point, 1x Assimilated, 1x Rare Mk XI SIF Generator

Science: 1x Very Rare Mk XI Shield Emitter Array, 1x Rare Mk XI Shield Emitter Amplifier

Tactical: 3x Rare Mk XI Disruptor Coil

Tactical: TT1, CRF1, CRF2
Tactical: TT1
Engineering: EptW 1, Aux 2 Bat 1, DEM 2, Eject WP 3
Engineering: ET1, RSP 1
Universal: EptS 1, Aux 2 Bat 1

3x Rare Technicians, 1x Rare Shield Distribution Officer, 1x Rare

One of the major points of this build is to explore how the concept of "sustained damage" may actaully be made feasible.

Use of 3x[acc] modifiers in fore weapons may be excessive, and probably ought to be replaced with either a CritD or Dmg). I've settled on having my Cutting Beam fore instead of aft in order to balance out my aft-facing firepower. For the purposes of PvP, I believe that it is important for any cruiser to be able to maintain a high degree of damage in all directions. It's inevitable that you will be outmaneuvered by an escort, and putting too much emphasis into your forward arc means that when you do get outflanked, your sustained dps will go down by more than half. If I ever get the motivation to finish off the storyline, I'll probably replace one of the rear turrets with a Breen Transphasic.

As a matter of curiosity, I've experimented with using a very rare biofunction monitor replacing the shield emitter amplifier and have occasionally noticed some degree of improved survivability. I'm not really sure why, although I think I'd get better overall survivability if I move one of my universals down to science and slap on another Neutronium instead. I'll also occasionally take out the SIF Generator in favour of a Very Rare Mk XI Monotanium, if I find that I'm getting badly hammered by projectiles of any sort. Since Borg regenerative isn't a very strong shield, I don't see any point in getting a Field Generator. In the future however, I will probably drop the Aux 2 Batt and Borg set in favour of the M.A.C.O. one and a conventional Emergency power/DC engineer build.

Eject Warp Plasma is a fairly recent change that I've implemented. I use it not only to snare ships, but also to clear pets and as a pseudo-defensive measure against projectiles. Since I've decided on a cannon/turret focus, I've settled on using DEM as a means to boost effective damage. The potential behind using this in conjunction with Warp Plasma makes me wonder whether or not I should somehow raise my Particle Generator skill, although I fear this may bite into my requisite 3-level investment into Inertial Dampeners and Power Insulators (both of which I believe to be absolutely necessary for any cruiser). Although some may argue that I should have EptW 3 in place of DEM, the duration of the damage boost is too short to be effectively used with cannons that have CRF continuously applied to them and is best suited for beam weapons using Beam Overload or Beam Fire At Will.

Note the lack of a science station. I've figured that since I'm using Aux 2 Batt, I won't have enough Auxiliary power to make effective use of Science abilities, especially in terms of on-demand use.

It's not a super-competitive build so much as a gradual experiment, but it seems to be workable in Elite STFs, and half-decent in most PvP actions, provided I'm not facing a well-coordinated team. Where this truly shines is in SB24: if I replace the CRF skills with CSV, I can easily get at least third place, sometimes second place but never first.

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