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03-14-2013, 08:19 AM
Odyssey tactical cruiser
3x Fleet Antiproton Dual Beam Banks [3xDmg, Acc]
1x Fleet Quantum Torpedo Launcher [3xDmg, CrtD]

3x Fleet Antiproton Beam Array [3xDmg, Acc]
1x Fleet Quantum Torpedo Launcher [3xDmg, CrtD]

shield: Elite Fleet Regenerative Shield [Adaptive, resiststype:B]
deflector: Omega Deflector Mk 12
engines: Omega Engines Mk12

consoles: (most of the them very rare Mk12)
Ablative Hull Plating , Chevron Separation*, Aquarius Escort*, Assimilated Console, RCS Accelerator
Field Generator, Work Bees*
3x Antiproton Mag Regulator
*= Odyssey pack

bridge officer stations:
Engineering Cmd:
Engineering Team l, Reverse Shield Polarity ll, Emergency Power to Shields lll, Auxilliary Power to Structural Integrity lll
Universal Lt. Cmd (tactical):
Tactical Team l, Attack Pattern Beta l, Fire at Will lll
Tactical Lt.:
Beam Overload l, Torpedo Spread ll
Science Lt:
Polarize Hull l, Transfer Shield Strength ll
Universal Ens. (engineering):
Emergency Power to Weapons l

Duty officers (all very rare]
Conn Officer (decrease of tactical team cooldown, bonus on attack pattern)
Energy Weapon officer (50% chance to decrease cooldown of all beam weapon abilities)
2x Damage Control Engineer (30% chance to decrease cooldown on emergency power to x)
1x Warp Core Engineer (20% chance to add +25 all power levels on use of emergency power to x)

This build deviates from the standard wisdom of letting a cruiser broadside and instead is build around the idea of very heavy frontal firepower. Dual Beam Banks stacked up with Emergency Power to Weapons, spreading the Attack Pattern Beta debuff will take the shields of multiple enemies very quickly and then of course there is the Torpedo Spread to hammer your targets afterwards.

One of the biggest downsides is the amount of aggro it draws in STFs and the smaller firing arcs require very careful maneuvering. often having to reduce speed to half impulse or less. I am also using two pieces of the Omega set for the Tetryon Glider passive effect (it adds a bit of tetryon damage to all beam attacks, for taking shields down quickly)