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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I found these results interesting enough that I decided to dig into the reward structure of console fabrication. Since these were created under Heretic, I truly didn't know what to expect.

Here are my findings:

1) The quality of the reward outcome of the "Fabricate Prototype" assignment is guaranteed to match the quality of the success' display name. In other words, if your results say "Blue Quality" the console you receive cannot be anything other than Blue (Rare) quality, in all circumstances. No rare chance to upgrade to a better type, or anything like that.

2) Every console available from our random drop tables is represented. Despite the above sample showing zero Phaser Relays (e.g.), they are included in the drop table as a possible result.

3) All console rewards are equally weighted. This is the part I was unsure would be true, but it is - every item on the reward tables has an absolutely equal chance of being rewarded.

The only possible explanation I can offer at this point, is that it's just a matter of sample size. There are 42 different Mk XII consoles you can receive from this assignment (16 Eng, 10 Sci, 16 Tac) of each quality (Green, Blue, Purple) resulting in the total number of potential outcomes being 42*3=126. When you run a sample size of 300, with almost half that many possible outcomes, your odds are invariably going to be too small to create an big enough picture of the entirety.
If that's true, the odds of crafting 300 in quantity of least to most valuable almost perfectly by quantity is astronomical. Better run those numbers again.

Furthermore: After growing bored at page 8 of the responses, I found only ONE person replying that even implied ever having had any better luck that OP, and that was with a much smaller sample. Kinda like the guy who wins the lottery twice but only bought 3 tickets. If OP was the counter of that "luck", there would not be 6 pages (that I saw) of confirmations that it's not random.

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