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03-14-2013, 08:51 AM
I badly want to command my ship from the bridge! On second thought, not in my current Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught.

First, when you own Federation (or possibly Klingon) ships with decent, eye appealing bridge, you'd badly want to fly from the bridge. As I would too in my Ody. I'd enjoy traveling through the sector space or even pulverishing the Borgs.

HOWEVER, as I now moved to a more powerful ship, the Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught, I'd certainly change my mind. Here's what came to my mind when I get teleported into JH Dreadnaught bridge:

I'd call to one of my bridge officers, "Ensign, where have you brought me into? My new wardrobe? or my recently decorated toilet?"
Then, I received a reply, "No, Sir. You are on your bridge."
I'd reply back furiously, "My bridge?? Who in the universe would have such an idea creating this bridge? It's so small like my mom's wardrobe. It's also like a badly designed toilet without a single toilet seat. The door is jammed and there ain't any windows to see if this ship is really moving. Now, if I really need to go to toilet, where would I go? Do you want me to command you again to beam me into my toilet somewhere inside this big ship? And where would that be? And whose idea is it to get this ship?"
A plain reply came to me, "Sir, you may address your complain to the Dominion, Inc. But, as I recalled, Cryptic Corp. has made it clear (in very fine prints) that customizable bridge and ship interior design is not optional and non-negotiable part of the agreement. That is, either you take it or leave it as it is. We as ship owners has no right to tweak anything inside our own ships, and that includes the missing captain seat, windows, and turbolift/doors on the bridge. And to answer your last question, Sir, it was your own idea to buy this Dreadnaught ship for its awesome firepower and hangar pets, instead of the tanky nature and luxurious interior design of our previous Odessey, Sir. So, without all due respect, it's all your own fault, Sir!"
"Blasted Unicorn! Now you've just reminded me that it was YOU who brought me the brochure of this ship which missed the interior picture! Ensign, for that I put you into new station, polishing our Scorpion Fighters. "
Ensign Scoobie ... *speechless*

Message of the day: You might want to play STO from a DECENT bridge, but you'd be so glad playing STO in ARCADE mode otherwise.