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Few things to consider...

If it's an Enemy Romulan Faction, how will they have access to Romulan Rep? Will there be an entirely separate Romulan Rep grind for them?

Would they work with Omega Force? Would they have that rep grind? Would they have access to Borg and Omega sets? Would a third set be created for them to grind akin to MACO/KHG? Would they have access to some form of adaptive versions of MACO/KHG? Would Fed/KDF have access to some form of adaptive version of whatever the Romulans get?

How long would it take to grind up that starbase, eh? What about the embassy - how would that work? How would Romulans have an embassy with themselves? What "fleet" events would be available for them? What about just gear/Dil? What would their Minefield be?

Think of all the Romulan BOFFs/DOFFs that would have to be made available - imagine trying to search the Exchange in it's current form, lol. Heck, think about all the DOFFing missions that would have to be added. Would there be a Romulan Academy? What about the Commendation Ranks? DI/RP?

What would be the "off-limits" Romulan sector? How would it be connected to the rest of the map? How would Romulans get access to various areas of the map? Additional transwarp gates? Iconian gates?

How would non-Fleet/non-STF gear that is available from playing episodes/replaying episodes be made available to Romulan characters?

Okay, maybe it was more than a few things...and they're far from the only things.
This is definitely a valid, and sobering point. No, I do not believe they will make Romulans a PVP Only Faction if they release it in may. How ever if they are releasing it in May, it might not come with everything listed above immediately. It may come with it's own missions, Episodes, and ships, with the rest of it being released over the next 3-6 months. What would matter first would be to make sure the have enough content to get from level 1-50. It might even come with Doffs, but that might be it. May not even have the Reputation system, or even all of the reputation system available. May only come with Romulan Rep at the start. Omega could just get renamed Tal-shiar, but I'm hopeful they won't do something THAT lazy.

They said they were going to give a new Featured Episode some where when they were talking about after they released the Romulan Reputation, so more then likely that is going to be in May. A Romulan playable faction how ever Is plausible if they've been working on it on the back burner since F2P or even sooner. Because Romulans are the highest voted for, and most anticipated playable Faction. They could even link the Romulan playable faction to only unlock when you've done the Featured Episode. I'm expecting though a Romulan special BOFF and/or DOFF at the end of it. Maybe even a new console (HOPE NOT!) for a Romulan Cloaking Device. (Better not!)
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