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03-14-2013, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by mikenight00 View Post
I'm glad just the PvP stats of the Cyro pulsewave have been altered, and I hope this is a growing trend that will eventually divorce PvP and PvE from each other. Whether its been intentional or unintentionally the PvP forums are responsible for getting more things nerfed then they have buffed, and these changes have carried over to PvE. If you guys want to nerf your ships/equipment/ground equipment than by all means do so, but those 10+ page nerf threads shouldn't be affecting PvE players. In the end all PvE players are killing is just AI controlled bits of data. I've never seen a PvE player take out a borg cube, and then insult the cube afterwards in chat and call it a noob.
Anotherwords you're fine with the weapon being overpowered against AI because it's too stupid to effectively fight back and needs monster health to keep it balanced.
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